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If you like to manage your boating holiday from the comfort of your helmsman’s seat and have 4G on your smartphone then you might find this new app to be of interest.

The Bluewaterapp is being used by many of the larger yacht harbours to manage berth reservations, payment and ancillary site services. You register the details of your boat on the app then you can use if find and reserve your next berth, as well as pay electronically. The long walk to the harbour office, and the queue at busy times is now a thing of the past! You can also get information about facilities on site and even reserve a table in the restaurant. Available on the UK apple store, search bluewaterapp. (There are lots of apps called bluewater….!) Watch out if you let the app use your phone’s gps to locate you as it may quickly drain the battery. The gps arrow in the status bar at the top of the phone will tell you if its still running. 

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