Maeslantkering closure

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The annual Maeslantkering closure takes place on the last weekend of September. The Maeslantkering is the storm flood barrier which crosses the Nieuwe Waterweg between the Hoek of Holland and Rotterdam.

Normally open, it is tested once a year prior to the storm season and stands ready to be closed in emergency flood conditions. Boats navigating in this area should be aware of the closure to the waterway which is expected to take place around 15.40.

To coincide with the Maeslantkering closure there is a special open day held in the adjacent exhibition the Keringhuis, which tells visitors about the construction of the barrier and its role in Dutch flood prevention. Although the displays are primarily in Dutch a free phone app is available which gives information in English. An interesting visit if you are in the area – free admission, tours and refreshments.

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