Veenvaart, Drenthe

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A new cruising route in Drenthe is now available with the opening of the Veenvaart waterway. This 20km canal links Ter Apel on the Musselkanaal to Erica at the east end of the Verlengde Hoogeveensche Vaart. 

With the opening of this new section of canal, it is now possible to make a circular cruising route in Drenthe, linking the principal venues of Groningen, Meppel, Coevorden and Winschoten.

There is a minimum air draught of 3.5m along the waterway, which is suitable for vessels up to 28m in length and 4.8m beam. The minimum draught (summer levels) is 1.5m. Bridges operate throughout the day from 0900 to 1700 with a break for lunch (1200-1300) with reduced hours during the off peak months. Details on the Veenvaart waterway website.


Moorings are available along the waterway and are open from 1 April – 1 November.

What to see along the new Drenthe cruising route

This area of Drenthe is the centre of the former peat colonies and there is a rich history which is illustrated in the various fortified towns, castle and museums along the way. The cruising route runs through the Veenpark open air museum and there are overnight moorings here.

View a map of the new waterway or watch the video…(in Dutch) {youtube}v8MFvY6QLxs{/youtube}

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