Rondje Dordt, by night

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We took the Lady Alison up to Dordrecht for the evening to celebrate the cabin boy’s birthday and after a jolly meal in the Olympiada greek restaurant, and a drink in the Tapperij de Harlekijn (waiting for a blues band which was on a perpetual break) we decided that the most fun thing to do for the rest of the evening was to make the dinghy tour round Dordrecht’s central canals – the Rondje Dordt.

By the time we’d got the engine in place it was starting to go dark, although not dark enough for us to think of taking a torch with us, which made cruising through some of the tunnels quite exciting. It’s in a way even nicer to do in the evening than during the day because the traffic on the main rivers is quiet and you don’t get bounced around by the wash, plus the trip boat the Dordtevaar has packed up for the evening.

The detour to the centre of the junction off the Groothoofd is not recommended!


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