Into North Brabant

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From my home base in Strijensas I was joined by BOC boats Boisterous Mistress and Bonny Rose, as well as my sister and family as guests on board Lady Alison, for a summer cruise in August 2010. Martinique joined us at Drimmelen and Waalwijk, and Spruce Goose as far as Sleeuwijk.

Strijensas-Drimmelen: 17km
Drimmelen-Waalwijk: 17km
Waalwijk-Heusden: 7km
Heusden-Sleeuwijk (via the beach): 29km
Sleeuwijk-Gorinchem: 2km
Gorinchem-Vianen: 29km
Vianen-Schoonhoven: 18km
Schoonhoven-Gouda: 44km
Gouda-Leiden: 30km
Leiden-Delft: 25km
Delft-Rotterdam: 17km

We had lay days in Waalwijk (to visit De Efteling), Gorinchem (enjoying their summer festival), Gouda (Thursday is Cheese-Day), Leiden (Botanic Gardens and the Rondje Leiden) and Delft (pottery tour and the Vermeer Centre).

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