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The new bridge at Vollenhove – one of several Flevoland and Kop van Overijssel updates sent in by Linda Compton.

Amersfoort and River Eem – there is a new cycle bridge (fietsbrug), the Malebrug, height 2.43m, same opening times as the Eembrug. They are both operated remotely from Weesp on channel 22 or 035 5 41 29 74.

Amersfoort – electricity and water are now included in harbour fees. The new harbour office, harbour fee payment machine, toilets and showers are located in a new block of apartments just south of the Kwekersbrug.Both the Koppel and Kwekersbrug are manually operated and you need to call the bridgeman on 033 4 61 57 97. Allow ten minutes for him to cycle to the Koppelbrug and then motor slowly to the Kwekersbrug to give him time to cycle back to open it! Blok’s Restaurant on Krommestraat is excellent for a special night out.

Randmeren – good, sheltered moorings without services on each side of the waterway are administered by gastvrije randmeren. Some have toilet facilities. Particularly good ones are on two islands, De Eecht, just north of Elburg and Knarland, just south of Harderwijk. In 2015, the mooring fee was €0.70 per metre. 

Spakenburg – WSV Eeendracht have a new harbour, the Zuiderzee, to the portside as you go towards the Oude Haven. The Municipal and yacht club moorings are now run by the same Harbourmaster whose office is located in the large building between the Nieuwe and Zuiderzee harbours. Electricity, water and excellent showers are also located here and need a SEP key, obtainable from the Harbourmaster.  A Jumbo and Aldi supermarket are in a new shopping square, turn left at the carillion. Beware, Spakenburg becomes a ghost town on Sunday, virtually everything closes!

Elburg – there is a new building on the west side of the canal housing harbour master’s office. Showers, toilets and electricity now included in harbour fees. It looks as if points will also be fitted with water taps in near future. Jumbo supermarket at end of main street where starts to open out into countryside. 

Vollenhove – The bridge (looks like a skier!) is remotely operated so you need to call 0320 76 76 10 before you get to the bridge. You will get a multi-choice menu, all in Dutch, but all you need to do is enter 3, then 1 and 1 again. There is a board displaying the numbers but you need binoculars to read them and an understanding of Dutch for the instructions!

Giethoorn – now has a Spar supermarket in a newly built shopping arcade on Eendrachtsplein (next to the Tourist Information).
There is a very good Italian run restaurant called La Piccola Venezia at Binnenpad 1B, just turn left when you reach the canal.

Driewegsluis – now has a passantenhaven by the sluis, entrance to the South of the sluis, but it can be a bit exposed in windy weather. Depending on the wind direction, sheltered (and cheaper) moorings can be found on the wooded island to the north of the sluis but no electric or water. Showers and toilets for both are available by the restaurant.

Steenwijk – the two basins to the port and starboard as you head into Steenwijk are now private moorings and there is only space for 12 -14 larger boats before you reach the fixed 3.5m foot bridge. There are plenty of free unserviced moorings on the Ossenzijl-Steenwijk Canal but these can get busy.
Restaurant tip – The Bovenmeester (Headmaster!) at Wooldport 57, 8331 KR is housed in an old school and is very popular so booking is recommended.

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