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A friendly welcome awaits at the multiple mooring opportunities in Medemblik, with access to the Westfriesche Vaart for further exploration.

Zaandam – JH ZV De Onderligne has upgraded the clubhouse and now has new toilets and showers. They only have a few spaces available for larger boats but it is a very friendly club and the Zaanse Schans Museum is literally just across the road. The volunteer Havenmeister is only there from 08:00 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 18:00 but there is a diagram on the reporting pontoon showing in green where the free spaces are.

Medemblik – The Municipal harbour is now in the Oosterhaven and Pekelharinghaven where there are fairly new showers/toilet and laundry facilities in a floating building by the lifeboat station. Water, electricity and Wifi are included in the mooring fees making it an inexpensive stop. Westerhaven is now run by Stichting JH Medemblik, is more expensive and mostly boxes although there are a few pontoon heads available. There is a superb new restaurant called Restaurant Meijers (previously in Andijk) in the old warehouse building next to the harbour office.

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