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We’d planned to take the boat up to Rotterdam for the weekend and decided to do the first leg up to Dordrecht on Friday so we could visit our favourite Jazzpodium on Friday evening.

It’s only a two minute walk from the harbour and they always have something interesting on there. Back to where we started, I know, but our previous trips were all useful practice at handling the boat and finding out what things weren’t working.

We had a new toy for this trip because I’d downloaded the Navionics App for the Iphone and this is really useful for making a track of your passage. The UK-Holland version (€24.99) has detailed charts for all the inland waterways as well as the coasts so it’s amazing value compared to buying charts in any other format.

Track Stats
Start: 10:26
Finish: 11:43
Distance: 8.2Nm
Time: 1h 17′
Average speed: 6.4kts
Max speed: 13.6kts

When you’ve finished you can email the track to yourself as a .kmz file, which you can then use as an overlay on a google map.


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