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I was sitting on my boat in Gorinchem trying to work out how to use all the photos that I take while I’m on the boat, and where to put all the little nuggets of information that I come across.

Perhaps I need a blog I thought, but I didn’t want to start yet another website.

What’s it going to be about I thought to myself – well, all about cruising on the Dutch waterways – then, the Aha moment… I already have a website on the Dutch waterways, so what could be better than adding a blog and using it to record all the extra titbits that you wouldn’t want to read in the book, but you might find useful if you do come here on your boat.

I’ll put links to the Updates pages when I think there’s something you really need to correct in the book, and the rest of it will be just for fun (so don’t phone in), but you can post comments!


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