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“Another of the Imray pilots or guides that are almost uniformly excellent. Always produced by highly experienced enthusiasts who have really been there. … This fine book does the country justice. It is well illustrated, clearly mapped and enthusiastically written. It is also practically all-encompassing. It is, in short, a typical high quality example of the Imray pilots.”
Work Boat World

“When asked at primary school if she had been to many countries abroad, my daughter’s reply was that she had, but only round the edges! That is not strictly true of our visits to the Netherlands which go back to 1962, when only the Veerse Meer had been cut off from the sea, as we have traversed the mast-up route from Delfzijl to Vlissingen, and on a number of occasions the inland routes between Zeeland and the IJsselmeer. Rarely have we lingered though, generally pressing on with some other aim in view. Louise and David’s book (prominent CA members of course), encourages one to go much further, and as the title states; explore and enjoy the inland waters in much greater depth. It covers all the waterways accessible to boats with an air draft of at least 3.5m, so in that respect it is aimed particularly at motor cruisers. There is no other publication available in English which describes the extensive network, giving details of worthwhile places to visit throughout the twelve provinces, so it has to be a must for those who really wish to make the most of the system. However, the areas usually visited by boats with masts, or one could say those that could be, but are not usually well-frequented, are also well-covered, making it a useful addition to their bookshelves too. There is an excellent introduction to the country with all the newcomer needs to know, but with much of interest to the more experienced. The book is clear and logically arranged with good charts and is well-illustrated. The pilotage is detailed and easy to follow, with excellent information on places to moor and the facilities to expect. I particularly liked the much greater coverage than is usual in pilot books, given to the information on the attractions and places of interest for the100 chosen venues. (300 mooring places are detailed). This would certainly add considerably to the enjoyment of any cruise. If this information had been available in the past some of us might not have gone much further afield! This is an excellent addition to the Imray list of pilot books as it shows how much more there is to enjoy in the Netherlands; that there is a whole new world of attractive waterways awaiting those who feel that it is time to turn from sail to power. It is an exciting prospect.”
Cruising Association

“David Broad and Louise Busby are old friends of the MBM Cruising Club. Since making their first Channel crossing with us, they have gone on to cruise the inland waterways of many a European country, and most significantly, the Netherlands. This experience is recorded in the first edition of the pilot book ‘Inland Waterways of the Netherlands’.

The book covers the whole 6000km of navigable waterways, where bridge heights are at least 3.5m, and even includes a survival guide to the Dutch language. This is one book that you can’t afford to leave off your reading list when planning a cruise to Holland.”
Motor Boats Monthly

We at Classic Boat have a lot of time for the Netherlands, and the Dutch. Their conservation of their distinctive maritime heritage is exemplary, and the nation’s countryside, architecture and general approach to life is immensely attractive. It always surprises us that more Britons have not discovered the charm of their waterways, or penetrated beyond the few obvious hotspots. In fact, the country is veined with navigable waterways, 3,500 miles (6,000km) of them, offering almost infinite possibilities for relaxing cruising. This new guide, in effect, opens up these rivers, canals and inland lakes and seas to British boaters, with comprehensive information, both navigational and touristic, supplemented with excellent photos and maps (and helpful pronunciation guides to place names). It also covers, in detail, how things are managed over there, including shopping and cash machines, with a guide to interpreting the all-important Wateralmanak – the compulsory ‘ticket’ to the system, which is full of valuable information – in Dutch – on lock and bridge opening times.
Classic Boat

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