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The whole harbour has been renovated and new berths with metered power (card from the harbour master) and water have been constructed.

In the inner harbour there are around 50 box berths for vessels unto 15 metres. Longer vessels should head to the far east or western ends of the harbour and take the ‘3 post’ boxes there. There are also berths all along both sides of the canal almost up to the bridge in the town, also with power.  In total there are about 800 metres of canalside berths in addition to those in the main harbour.  Depth in both harbour and canal is 2 metres.

By the main harbour are new toilet and shower facilities, clean and well kept.   For berths on the north side of the canal, there is a self-operated foot passenger ferry to bring people across the canal and over to the main harbour, otherwise it’s quite a long walk round to get to the facilities.

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