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If you’re thinking of using the tram, bus or metro whilst you’re in the Netherlands, and you’ll be staying over there a while, I’d recommend investing in an ov-chipkaart. The whole country has now switched over to cash-free ticketing on all public transport and instead are using something similar to the London Oyster card. You can buy a disposable chipkaart, but journey rates are quite expensive. A better choice if you are going to be in Holland for a while is an anonymous chipkaart which can be uploaded with credit at station ticket desks. For both types of ticket you’ll probably need to pay with cash, as UK credit cards are normally not accepted.

A disposable chipkaart costs €4.50 (one journey) and an anonymous chipkaart costs €7.50 to buy the empty card but you then need to upload it with credit – however journey prices are much cheaper (about 1/3 of the price).

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