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The long awaited reopening of Utrecht’s ring canal has arrived making a complete 6km loop around the city. Air draught is minimum of 2.1m (according to the ANWB map or 2.5m according to the city website) on the west side (Catherijnesignel) and 1.9m on the east side so might be a dinghy trip for bigger boats.

The Oudegracht canal through the centre of the city continues to offer a through route from the Vecht to the south for boats with an air draught less than 3.25m. 

Moorings at the southern end of the Catherijnesingel with toilets and showers (at the Bartholomeus bridge) are accessible via the Catherijnesingel or the Vaartsche Rijn and the Vartsche Rijn bridge, with a fixed height of 3.3m. Maximum stay is 3 days and water, electric and rubbish disposal are available. Overnight moorings are paid by card at the machine which then provides the code for access to the facilities. 

The original city moat canal was filled in the 1970s to improve vehicle access into the city but soon realised to be an error. Watch the video to see how a ring road was transformed back into a ring canal.  

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